How to Achieve a 40 Times Higher ROI Than Any Google Ads Campaign With Content Marketing

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How a Professional Area Promotion Blog Uses SEO Driven Content Marketing to Generate 40 Times More Traffic Than Any Google Ads Campaign at a Lower Cost. What is Content Marketing? The dictionary defines Content Marketing as follows: Content Marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as […]

Influencer Marketing Checkliste für Marken

Influencer Marketing Checklit für Marken

   “Influencer Marketing wird an Bedeutung nur noch zunehmen.” Dies zumindest behaupten aktuell alle Experten. Was bedeutet das nun konkret für dein Unternehmen? Influencer Marketing ist gegenwärtig in aller Munde. Weshalb? In den letzten 12 Monaten hat sich die allgemeine Entwicklung zum Vorteil von Earned Media deutlich fortgesetzt. Paid Media, Display Advertising sowie Search Engine […]

Swissfluence – Profesional Influencer Marketing in Switzerland

Swissfluence - Professional Influencer Marketing in Switzerland

    The growth of influencer marketing will be huge in the years ahead, and with barriers like ad blockers interrupting traditional advertising, marketing budgets in 2016 will see a shift toward earned media — especially earned media through influencer marketing.    Forbes   Influencer Marketing is popular and growing fast. Most marketers* agree that […]