365 Days of Content is our Content Marketing Strategy for Tourism and Relocation.

At Insider Media, we link companies and audiences through the topics that are important to them. We use the technology, and analytics as well as the influence of our editorial networks to connect brands with strong audiences.



365 Days of Content


Navigating the evolving digital landscape necessitates a strategic approach to content creation and management. Prioritizing on-site content tailored to engage target audiences is essential, fostering enhanced user experiences and relevancy. This is complemented by the thoughtful aggregation, editing, and crafting of blog posts, curating rich, compelling narratives that captivate and inform. Elevating these practices is the development of an Insider Website, meticulously optimized for superior online visibility through robust SEO practices. This platform integrates advanced CDN capabilities, ensuring streamlined performance and a seamless user experience.

  • Definition of Strategy and Target Audience
  • Content creation on site 
  • Content aggregation, editing and blog post creations
  • Creation of an Insider Website (SEO, CDN, Security, Hosting, etc.)
  • Creation of Social Media accounts

Every component, from hosting to strategic optimization, is finely tuned, establishing a powerful, resilient online presence in a competitive digital marketplace.

4 Months – USD 60’000

365 Days of Content


Over a period of 12 months, a meticulous strategy will unfold through the publication of 365 blog posts, ensuring a constant stream of fresh, engaging content. This will be augmented by extra coverage of six significant events, providing readers with comprehensive insights and highlights, enriching the overall content offering. Additionally, there’s an option to seamlessly integrate social media accounts, facilitating automated post creation and a unified, cross-platform content strategy. This will enhance the digital footprint and audience engagement through cohesive multi-channel narratives. Central to this plan is a steadfast commitment to the constant optimization of SEO and website performance.

  • 365 Blog Posts over 12 months
  • Extra coverage of 3 Events
  • Optional Integration of Social Media accounts (automated post creation)
  • Constant optimization of SEO and website performance

By regularly refining these elements, the aim is to bolster visibility, user experience, and the website’s overall effectiveness as a dynamic digital hub in an ever-competitive online ecosystem.

12 Months – USD 60’000

365 Days of Content


An agile and responsive content strategy is central to our approach, beginning with the annual updating of all existing posts to ensure accuracy and relevance in details such as dates and prices. Over the next four years, a consistent flow of content will be maintained through the publication of four thoughtful posts per month, ensuring a steady stream of engaging and up-to-date information. Integration with social media will be seamless and continuous, promoting a well-connected, cross-platform online presence. Additionally, there’s an option to include specialized coverage of noteworthy events, enhancing the richness and diversity of the content.

  • Updating all existing posts (dates, prices, etc.) annually
  • Continuous publication of 4 posts per month for 4 years
  • Continuous maintenance of Social Media Accounts 
  • Optional Coverage of annual special Events
  • Constant optimization of SEO and website performance

Fundamental to this strategy is the unwavering commitment to continuous SEO optimization and website performance enhancements, aimed at maximizing visibility, user engagement, and overall website efficacy in the fast-paced digital landscape.

48 Months – USD 48’000

365 Days of Content


Adhering to a dynamic content strategy, annual updates will be meticulously performed on all existing posts, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of dates, prices, and other pertinent details. Committed to delivering a consistent and engaging flow of information, there will be a continuous publication of four meticulously crafted posts per month for a substantial period of five years. This strategy is complemented by the seamless and continuous integration of social media accounts, promoting a unified and amplified online presence. Furthermore, there exists an option to enhance the content array through specialized coverage of unique events, available at an additional cost.

  • Updating all existing posts (dates, prices, etc.) annually
  • Continuous publication of 2 posts per month for 5 years
  • Continuous linking of Social Media Accounts 
  • Optional Coverage of special Events at extra cost

This flexible, multi-faceted approach is designed to maintain a vibrant, accurate, and highly engaging digital platform that resonates with contemporary audiences and thrives in the ever-evolving digital ecosystem.

60 Months – USD 12’000


Production Process

Our most successful network right now is Mexico Insider which launched in February 2022. For less than 3 months, our network in Mexico reached 100K impressions and 15,000 unique page sessions. You can check this website as the most prolific example that what we do works. Google content is evergreen!

We list down the keywords that the top consumers in the world search for (USA, UK, Canada, and Australia). We will gather all these keywords, and identify their cost per click, search volumes, and competition on Google’s first page.

365 days of content

We spend 3 months creating authentic content in your country. We do this as a cooperation of our team and local specialist. This way we can cover all the possible topics from the keyword research in a shorter time. Additionally this creates a local network of content creators we can tap into for special event and topics as well as content production for the following years.

Since Google can also detect original images, we prefer to do our own content and not rely on stock images and videos. Especially in the days of Artificial Intelligence it is crucial to use original and unique content. This will elevate you from the crowd.

All the collected material now needs to be edited. Videos and images are professionally edited and syndicated in various formats for the different publication channels.

Our pool of content creators and writers will line up articles from our field production shoot and keyword research. These articles will go live every day (scheduled).

After 3 months of publishing content daily, we start on our link-building project that leans heavily on Pinterest and link placements with other relevant authoritative websites. We find it more effective to place links with bloggers because they have a more genuine voice on the Internet, as opposed to placing links on commercial websites.

We will only upload reels on the Instagram account. This will be done daily with a variety of different storylines, voices, unique tales, and many more. Feel free to check Mexico Insider’s Instagram page as an example.

We input all the keywords we want to rank for and track their progress. Most of them will start at page 10 but with our rank tracking and link building strategies, we will push it to page 1.

Proof of Concept

Current Insider Examples

We are currently active in 2 countries and have amassed a total audience size of 500,000 across our networks.


We deliver 40 times more visitors than any Google Adwords Campaign:

AVG Google CPC 2024
  • With an average Cost per Click of USD 1.53 for Travel & Hospitality in 2024, a monthly budget of USD 1’500 will deliver about 980 website visitors per month.
  • After the first year Mexicoinsider.mx has been delivering over 30’000 new and unique visitors each month (March 31st 2023 – March 31st 2024)
  • Our Content Marketing approach generates more than 40 times higher Traffic numbers for your money than any comparable Google Ads Campaign!
  • The 365 Days of Content strategy is consistent and traffic numbers will grow over time. In comparison, the cost per click on Google Ads will continue to get more expensive as time progresses, delivering you less traffic for your money. 
  • Check out our Mexico Insider Case Study.

Meet the team

CEO and Founder

Andre Mueller

Global Editor-in-Chief

Trisha Velarmino

Web Development Head

Derek Phoenix

Operations Director (Asia & South Pacific)

Krish Villanueva 

Operations Director (Europe)

Joshua Mueller

Pinterest Marketing Expert 

Maria Veloso

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