Digital Transformation is a very broad field and depending on who you ask you will receive many different definitions. In our view true Digital Transformation always consists of 4 main components:

Project management

PM Methodology & PM Tool

PMI or Agile are our usual recommendation and Asana is our preferred tool.

Internet Technology

Network Technology & Software Solutions

Strategically create your Technology Solutions based on you business needs.

Business Engineering

New Process Design

New Process Design is imperative to adapting the new Digital transformation Strategy. 

Change Management

Adapt Team Structures

Digital Automation and new Process Design require new skills and new requirements for teams and goal structures.

Our Standard Interdisciplinary Project Approach

Each assignment starts with a Consultation Call. This gives us the chance to get to know each other and discuss intentions, ideas, challenges and approach strategies. You get a clear understanding of how and what we do before committing to a large project.

A clearly defined Project Scope is important for both parties. The defined Scope will determine the goal sets, the required steps, the project methodology as well as the approximate timeline and cost.

Depending on the defined scope, the Research & Documentation Phase describes the status quo and delivers the base line for the Gap Analysis.

The effort and duration of this phase highly depends on the quality of existing documentation.

In the GAP Analysis we define the detailed path from the status quo to the desired status after project completion. This step usually involves third parties, aka Solution Providers.

In our experience this is best done in interdisciplinary workshops.

Once the path has been defined and the project goals have been set, it is time to create the dedicated Project Plan.

We usually adapt to the methodologies present in companies. Our preferred approach includes planning all tasks and dependencies in a detailed GANTT chart. Then using ASANA to coordinate teams, tasks and collaboration among the involved parties. 

Our involvement in Project Execution is different in each project. Sometimes we only deliver the Strategy, Concept and Execution Plan. In some cases we take on a review role as the project execution unfolds.

In exceptional cases we can take full responsibility for the project execution. This however requires the a certain level of authority within the operational structure.

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